Welcome to Millie’s House blog.

Our blog enables us to share some focuses on different aspects about Millie’s House as an organisation that we are proud of and what we think sets us apart from other early childhood centres.

The 'Small Centre Project' at Connolly St

The 'Small Centre Project' at Connolly St23 Aug 2018

Right on the tail of our 19 Connolly St opening is our next door property at 21 Connolly St. We are really excited about the continued development of ...

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Toddlers doing it for themselves

Toddlers doing it for themselves15 Aug 2018

Our little ones at 19 Connolly St are certainly growing up, becoming independent and very capable little people. With support and guidance from the ...

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Pop-Up Cafe for the SPCA

10 Aug 2018

Our Preschool Two children have been having an interesting time recently.We have all sorts of things in our fantasy play area, but we didn’t have a ...

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Time to read a good book!

Time to read a good book!7 Aug 2018

Have you ever read The House on the Hill, by Kyle Mewburn and Sarah Davis?The children in the Preschool at Millie’s House, Daly St have- again, and ...

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Exploring the solar system

Exploring the solar system25 Jul 2018

Maybe it is because of the exciting news about the solar eclipse due Friday 27th July and visible in the eastern part of the hemisphere? Wherever the ...

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Outdoor Winter Play

Outdoor Winter Play24 Jul 2018

We all know we don’t have the best weather in the Wellington region, but here at Connolly St, we do have a great attitude to weather. As they say ...

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Celebrating Matariki at Millie's House

Celebrating Matariki at Millie's House23 Jun 2018

It is time to celebrate Matariki in our centres and both our Daly St and our Connolly St centres have been welcoming Matariki. Maori new year is ...

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Babies on the move at Daly St

Babies on the move at Daly St11 Jun 2018

The little ones in Infants group one at our Daly St setting have been having a great time exploring obstacle courses over the last week.We love ...

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Samoan Language Week at Connolly St

Samoan Language Week at Connolly St4 Jun 2018

Alongside the rest of New Zealand, Samoan language week 2018 ran from 28th May to the 3rd June at our Millie's House, 19 Connolly St setting. We were ...

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19 Connolly St is OPEN!

19 Connolly St is OPEN!25 Jan 2018

19 Connolly St opened its doors on Monday 15th January and is already home to our wonderful new Manager, Bailey and her two new graduate Teachers, ...

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Connolly St Open Day

Connolly St Open Day14 Dec 2017

We are nearly there! At the final stages of putting together the last finishes on our new setting at 19 Connolly St, it is starting to get exciting ...

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Millie’s House Team, Tamariki and Whanau fun times

Millie’s  House Team, Tamariki and Whanau fun times15 Nov 2017

Coming up to Christmas and planning our Family Christmas Party had us reflecting about the different events that we have held for parents this year ...

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Carpentry at Millie's Daly St

Carpentry at Millie's Daly St13 Oct 2017

Welcome to Millie’s House blog- our first blog post.We have decided to start up a blog to share some focuses on different aspects about Millie’s ...

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