Millie's Christchurch Preschool and Childcare


Welcome to Millie's House Christchurch

Located at the Old Magistrates Court



We are exceptionally excited to have been lucky enough to secure the historic Magistrates' Court in central Christchurch for conversion into our childcare and preschool early learning centre.

We are excited because the location is magic facing the stunning river Avon. There on the hill sits this most gorgeous building brimming with enchantment.

It’s perfect for a childcare centre because the outside of the building is stunning and inspiring, and the inside is being carefully refurbished with children, fun, comfort and safety in mind, whilst retaining and including many of its enchanting features and textures of stone, wood panelling, beautiful ceilings, fixtures and fittings. It’s a collaboration of old and new for our young ones.


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The Magistrates Court

The Magistrates Court is a big building, which we have designed to create small ‘home rooms’ for children’s comfort, peace and security. Also, bigger spaces for groups to join together and get busy, get learning and have fun. All spaces flow to the outdoors through some careful planning and consultation with the Ministry of Education.

Outdoor space

The outdoor space is large, beautiful and textured. How many centres do you know that have a river running past it and overlook a park? It will be a wonderful place for children to sit and talk on a hill, enjoy the play structures, wallow in sand and invent ideas. And, with a short stroll down the road to the award winning Margaret Mahy Playground- the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest playground- these children will possibly have the best outdoor play opportunities in the country!

I wonder what inspiration the Magistrates Court could have conjured up in Margaret Mahy’s story filled mind! And I wonder what stories we will be coming up with of our own.