Preschool Education Program


Our pre-schoolers rooms are where more focussed learning really starts to take place. By that, we don’t mean lessons. There are countless studies, research papers, books and articles clearly evidencing that children learn best through play. Formal approaches to learning are not for children in their foundation years. It is easy to be swept up into thinking your child will learn more, faster and get a better head start at school if they are in a more structured ‘school’ type environment, but actually, that leads to restricted creativity and zoning out through lack of interest. We are here to encourage creative, intelligent thinkers, who are engaged in what they are doing. Those kinds of thinkers do better at school, better in life and are ready for an ever evolving world.

What is different about pre-schoolers is that they are really starting to evidence some strong interests and this is exactly why they need to have the time, space and environment to enable their learning through their interests. It is by having interests, that the drive to find out more, investigate, look deeper and learn is discovered and engaged with. It is this disposition that enables lifelong learning through knowing how to learn and dig deeper.

Our pre-schoolers are also learning social skills that will enable them to get along with their peers. Sharing, working collaboratively, forming special friendships and real co-operative play all starts to take place. Negotiation becomes more sophisticated- and possibly cunning to! There can be arguments and frustrations, but it is essential to feel and have experience in resolving conflict, especially when it is over something you are passionate about.

There is a lot of debate about whether schools should be ready for new entrants, or whether new entrants should be ready for school. We believe it is both.

By the time your child leaves Millie’s House for school, they will have the foundations of learning and be ready to embrace their next challenge.

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