Toddler Daycare

Toddler Daycare

By the time your little one is a toddler, you may have been with us for a number of months and we’ll both be enjoying the trust that you have built in us. If you and your family are new to Millie’s House toddler daycare centre, please take the time to read our settling information and information about our babies for the bigger Millie’s picture.

Toddlers are enormous fun. It doesn’t take them long before they know their needs will always be supported and responded to by us, allowing them the confidence to really let those toddling legs get them exactly where they want to go and explore.

Toddler at Daycare

At our setting, we think of our toddler group as being from about 18 months to three. This is such a wonderful age as they excitedly explore and discover with their peers. Wonderful messy play becomes a real joy for some, but not all as their preferences becomes stronger and their strong wills and sense of self becomes known to all!

In our toddler group, we’ll be supporting their rapidly moving physical development, interest in problem solving, drive for creativity and emerging awareness and understanding of the world around them.

Their personal routines will likely have merged with their peers and apart from specific care needs, they probably will only need one sleep a day now or maybe just some quiet time to allow for their rapidly growing bodies.

In their transition through this group, get ready to talk toilet training, independent eating, starting to dress and undress , coping with their determined independence and supporting them through cutting those first molars! Not to mention developing social skills and that will mean the odd dispute. With support they learn conflict resolution skills and empathy for others. Essential life -long learning.