Millie’s House is owned and operated by a group of early childhood professionals working together to create a care and learning environment for children that is sustainable as a business and does not compromise on quality care and environments for children that we believe in and promote both as parents and professionals.


Kia ora! Ko Robert toku ingoa.

I have been involved in the childcare industry since 1992. I originally became involved as an investor and quickly discovered what a fun, challenging and enjoyable sector early childhood education was to be involved in. I increasingly became hands on with the teams, families and centres and didn’t look back. I expanded to develop centres in Wellington and Auckland, before moving to the UK in 2004, continuing to establish a group of nurseries and preschools in London, Guildford, Surrey and West Sussex.

I returned to New Zealand in January 2014 because it was important to me that my own four children had the opportunity to grow up in the wonderful environment and lifestyle that we have in New Zealand.

Millie’s House started as a collaboration with colleagues to create a very special environment for children through bringing together what we have collectively learned through each of our long and different early childhood paths.

Those of us in the leadership team all have one thing in common; we believe that children need us to be their advocates for and providers of a centre environment which ensures their sense of self as a confident, competent and active learner, healthy in mind, body & spirit. We are making Millie’s House a home that does exactly that.