Millie’s House is owned and operated by a group of early childhood professionals working together to create a care and learning environment for children that is sustainable as a business and does not compromise on quality care and environments for children that we believe in and promote both as parents and professionals.


I have been involved in early childhood education since 1990, when I trained on the (then) new exciting three year diploma in teaching at Wellington College of Education. I loved and was inspired by my training and work with children and continued to be. 27 years later, and looking back on my career as a teacher of children and adults, stakeholder, leader of change in various centre management and group management roles, I can honestly say that I continue to choose a fabulous career.

Children are wonderful and so are their teachers. What I love best is to be able to inspire teams, parents and leaders to create the best environments for children, by being unique and valuing themselves and allowing children to be unique and value themselves.

Working with Robert and Michelle is fantastic. We have all worked together before at various times and it is great to be able to come together to lead Millie’s House, knowing we all share a genuine commitment to children, teams and environments and we all believe in equipping children with a sense of self, to become lifelong learners.